About Us

Dedicated to providing the highest standards in calibration and certification of measurement devices, National Standards of Puerto Rico (NSPR) has been committed for more than two decades to providing honesty and dependability by assuring the two primary elements in island laboratories: equipment and personnel.
Founder & President Denio Hernández opened in 1985 a company that provides a full range of calibration services to meet the needs for accuracy and consistency of quality programs in manufacturing industries and scientific R&D.
“We give our clients an accredited and genuine service they can count on and trust to ensure quality control and compliance in their business,” said General Manager Fernando Denio Hernández Granda.
Excellent laboratory facilities, primary standards and a quality assurance program coupled with the latest technology and trained technicians assure a satisfactory service at the best price.
“We are the only accredited Echelon I NVLAP-ISO 17025 (NVLAP Calibration LAB CODE: 200454-0) on the island and are among the most highly regarded companies on the U.S. mainland because of our high precision mass laboratory and our complete infrastructure, which can provide any kind of calibration service,” said Hernández Granda. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) administers the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP). NVLAP accredits public and private laboratories based on evaluation of their technical qualifi cations and competence to carry out specific tests or calibrations. NVLAP also provides an unbiased third-party evaluation and recognition of performance, as well as expert technical guidance to upgrade laboratory performance. Meanwhile, said Hernández Granda, as part of the company’s commitment to excellence, he makes sure that it is constantly improving its standards by training personnel while keeping them in touch with clients’ needs.
Hernández Granda went on to say that the pharmaceutical industry has gone through a major transformation around the globe.
“There are a lot of mergers and personnel reductions, and many companies have closed or been sold,” he added. Moreover, Hernández Granda said, because of the recession, NSPR has lowered its operational costs, offering more effi cient and personalized services, and has lowered prices while adding products and service lines. “We have tried to keep our focus, being creative and motivated,” he said. In addition, Hernández Granda said that NSPR has been helping local and foreign manufacturing plants meet their quality and compliance needs in Puerto Rico.
Meanwhile, among the company’s future plans is to create process automation alliances and to find new industry segments to serve.