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National Standards of Puerto Rico, NSPR, is dedicated to provide the highest standards in calibration and certification of measurement devices. For two decades in the market, NSPR has been committed to providing honesty and dependability; and we master this by assuring the two primary elements in our laboratory: equipment and personnel. Our dedication to improvement and quality drives us to the latest in technology. State of the art equipment that provides high resolution and precision is a fundamental part of our laboratories.

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Temperature Laboratory

Temperature calibrations are accredited by the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program, for the specific scope of accreditation under lab code 200454-0. More

Mass Laboratory

For over 20 years National Standards of Puerto Rico has set the standard for precision committing to achieving the highest measurement capability and offering the lowest measurement uncertainties possible. More

Flow Laboratory

NSPR offers calibrations of gases and liquids from 0 to 12,000 SFPM with accuracy of ±1 FPM. Calibrations of liquid flows from 0 to 120 gpm and with an accuracy of 0.05% of flow rate. More

Mechanical and Pressure

Our calibrations are traceable to SI units through NIST or other NMI with MRA with NIST. Our staff is constantly improving their skills through training to ensure the quality program of the laboratory. More

Electronic Laboratory

Fully equipped with NIST traceable calibrators. We can certify with a range of 1 microvolt to 1200 AC/DC volt. Our resistance is in a range of 0.0001 ohms to 1G ohms and various standard digital meters from 8.5 digits. Excellent environmental controls. More

Pipette Calibration

Pipettes are precision devices that require care for consistent results. Performing preventive maintenance routinely will help to minimize malfunctions and keep your instruments in good. More

Humidity Laboratory

NATIONAL STANDARDS OF PUERTO RICO, provides humidity calibration services at our lab in Puerto Rico. Our team of highly trained and experienced technicians will calibrate your instruments with the latest equipmen. More

Dimensional Laboratory

The Dimensional Measurement Services Laboratory at the National Standards of Puerto Rico (NSPR) is a fullyequipped dimensional inspection facility designed to help engineering teams meet current industry certification standards and customer product specification objectives. More

Weighing Instruments Calibration

Mettler Toledo, Sartorius, Ohaus, Radwag & All Brands of Scales, Balances and Weighing Systems: Top Loading Balances, Platforms Scale, Weighing Modules, Tanks, Bench Scales, Floor Scales, Analytical Balances, Micro & Ultra Micro Balances. More

Torque Calibration

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